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Version 1.0

Mary Cahela - Artist
Email: cahelma@auburn.edu
Website: My Little Transformer

I like cosplay, Utena(woo for magical shoujo-ai!), My Little Ponies, vampirates, and books. I'm a theatre major at Auburn University concentrating in costuming(of course). For now I'm stuck working retail jobs that will never pay me enough, but I think that one day someone needs to hire me to work on a Drizzt Do'Urden movie.

Matt Felton - Writer
Email: aunacho@aol.com
Website: Pirate Kittens

A Haiku by Matt Felton

Whiskey flows freely
Peering into the toilet
Don't eat the white mint

Ashley Holloway - Writer
Email: micarei@hotmail.com
Website: Six Lefts

I like books, anime, & manga. I'm a writer and cover/omake artist for Six Lefts.
♥♥♥ I LOVE pink & fluffy things. ♥♥♥

Michelle Johnson - Artist
Email: gostowl@yahoo.com
Website: Organized Chaos

Quick facts: I like cartoons, I love books, I enjoy writing and drawing, I've dived in a couple sunken ships, snakes and bugs do not scare me, I have a bachelor's in zoology and English, I like swords, and I'm "the subdued one."

Becky Shropshire - Artist
Email: elfgrove@gmail.com
Website: ElfGrove studio

I just finished my Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering at Auburn University. Yes, I'm in the engineering field AND I draw. Multi-talented like that. Due to some form of insanity, I'm the ringleader of this little project, with Silas running a close second. Mostly because I handle all of the website stuff. I don't know why I'm doing this, I already do two other webcomics on a regular basis. I need to get a real job.

Silas Zee - Artist
Email: zeesila@auburn.edu
Website: My Little Transformer

I am Silas. I love Transformers. I love Star Wars. Arnold is my hero. And Obi-Wan can kick everyone's ass.
... Gimme A Dollar.

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